Friday, 9 December 2011

4minute Profile

4minute (포미닛) is a popular five-member South Korean girl group created by Cube Entertainment in 2009. The group's leader is Nam Ji-hyun, and the other members are Heo Ga-yoonJeon Ji-yoonKim Hyun-ah, and Kwon So-hyun. The girls released their first single on June 15, 2009 and made their debut stage last June 18, 2009 on Mnet M! Countdown. Their official fan club name is "4Nia" , a combination of 4Minute and mania.


Name: Kim Hyunah
Birthday: June 6, 1992
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

(Ji Yoon)

 Name: Jeon Jiyoon
Birthday: October 15, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist and Sub-Rapper

(Ji Hyun) 

Name: Nam Jihyun
Birthday: January 9, 1990
Position: Leader, Vocalist

(Ga Yoon) 

Name: Heo Gayoon
Birthday: May 18, 1990
Position: Main Vocalist

(So Hyun)

Name: Kwon Sohyun
Birthday: August 30, 1994
Position: Lead vocalist

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