Saturday, 6 August 2011

Don't Love Me

I must go; it pains me to leave you
Can you see all the tears in my heart?
I will try my best somehow to be strong
Even though I know I must go
Please don’t cry; forgive me for the pain
That I’ve caused; my whole world is breaking
My heart hurts; I willed myself to take a step
I had no choice but to leave you standing there
If you ever love again
I just don’t know what to do
It hurts even when I take a breath
But if it means that you can somehow forget
The pain and find happiness again
Then I know it’s better for me to let go
So afraid of living without love
All I see around are your shadows
I guess I must face this overwhelming pain
Knowing that I still long for you night and day
Just once… Just once more
Can’t we… Can’t we try?
Crying out like a fool to myself
If you ever love again
I must face reality
But I’m hurting so much, I can’t see
But if it means you have a reason to smile
I am willing to bear all the pain
For your sake, I will do anything for you
I love you
p/s:miss Lee Hong Ki so muchh lahh >< 

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